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Common Name     : Guggul
Botanical Name    : COMMIPHORA MUKUL
Family Name        : BURSERACEAE
Other Names       : Balsamodendrom Mukul, Moql, Moqle-Arzagi, Gugulipid
Part Used           : Gum Resin from Stem and Leaf

Habitat : The tree grows in rocky and rough land types in warm and semiarid areas in India. Ii is found on slopes of hills and foothills.

Plant Description

A woody shrub to a small tree, with spirally ascending branches. Leaves 1-3 foliate, leaflets sessile to subsessile, terminal ones largest, rhomboid to ovate in shape, irregularly toothed margin. Flowers small, brown to pink, unisexual. Calyx shows glandular hairs, forming cylindrical cap; Petals 4-5 times as long as sepal. Stamens 8-10, stigma, inconspicuously bilobed. Fruit-drupe, red, ovate, acuminate in shape, with 2-celled store, rarely 4 valved.


Commiphora Mukul is a highly valued botanical medicine used in Ayurveda. The classic Ayurveda medical text, described in detail the usefulness of this herb for treatment of obesity and other disorders of fat, including "coating and obstruction of channels". Encouraged by the Ayurvedic description of this herb for lowering cholesterol, scientists have conducted clinical trials to test the effectiveness of this herb in disorders of lipid metabolism and for lowering weight. The research resulted in the development of a natural cholesterol lowering substance that is safer and more effective than many cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Active Ingredients

Ketone fraction that is extracted from the resin contains the most potent cholesterol lowering components. This is composed of C21 or C27 steroids, with the major components being Z- and E-Guggulsterone. Guggul contains resin, volatile oils, and gum. The extract isolates ketonic steroid compounds known as Guggulsterones. These compounds have been shown to provide the lipid-lowering actions noted for guggul.

Uses : Guggulsterones are useful for anyone who wants to lose weight, particularly for those who have been trying to lose weight for some time. Unlike supplements such as ephedrine, guggulsterones do not stimulate the nervous system, and are generally considered to be one of the safest supplements available. Remedies For High cholesterol levels, High triglyceride levels, Atherosclerosis, Obesity.Guglipid offers considerable benefit in preventing and treating atherosclerotic vascular disease (Heart disease). It is most effective in lowering LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It also raises the level of good cholesterol (HDL). It is used as expectorant i.e. in cough problems. This guggul has great effect in preventing heart atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the arteries.

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