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Common Name     : Noni
Botanical Name    : Morinda Citrifolia
Family Name       : Rubiaceae
Other Names       : Indian Mulberry, Ach, Ashyuka
Parts Used          : Fruits, Leaves and Roots

Habitat : Indigenous to the Darjeeling Terai and outer hills and found in the Andaman Islands and along the Konkan coast; cultivated largely in India.


Morinda Citrifolia commonly known as Indian Mulberry or Noni in Hawaiian is a bush found in tropical regions such as Hawaii and parts of Southeast Asia. In India root, leaf, and fruit extracts have been traditionally used as a sedative, a remedy for diarrhea, a topical disinfectant, and as a gargle to relieve sore throat. The ripe noni fruit juice has been taken orally by the Polynesians to alleviate menstrual cramps, arthritis, diabetes, gastric ulcers, sprains, poor digestion, cancer, and problems associated with high blood pressure.

Active Ingredients

The herb Morinda citrifolia heartwood yielded the anthraquinones, viz., damnacanthal,rubiadin-methyl ether,alizarin, morindone and anthragallol-2,3-dimethyl ether. The flowers on ethanolic extraction yielded acacetin 7-O-(-D(+)- glucopyranoside, 5, 7-dimethyl-apigenin-4’-O-(-D(+) galactopyranoside and a new anthraquinone glycoside, which was structurally confirmed to be 6, 8-dimethoxy-3-methyl antraquinone-1-O-(--rhamnosyl glucopyranoside.


The Noni fruit seemed to retard tumor growth by stimulating the immune system. It is analgesic, It is a natural antiseptic, It is effective against fungus and parasites, used for iheadaches, for hypertension, without showing tolerance.

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